What is the ECD Woman Empowerment Project

For Woman's Month 2023, "ECDWOMAN: 100 Women, 1 WOMAN at a Time"

We aim to Empower 100 women through the ECD Woman Empowerment Project. We challenge 100 companies to each empower 1 WOMAN, providing her with 1 year of studies and salary as she trains to become an ECD Practitioner for R110 000.

By achieving this goal, we will contribute significantly to the government's target of training 100,000 ECD Practitioners, and simultaneously make a powerful impact on gender equality and women's empowerment in South Africa.

How you can help

We invite corporate sponsors to join us on this journey of Woman Empowerment. Sponsors can actively contribute to skills development, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) initiatives by EMPOWERING 1 Woman at a time on the ECD Woman Empowerment Project. Your participation will have a lasting impact on these women, their families, and their communities.

By EMPOWERING 1 WOMAN at a time, you have an opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of unemployed women and effect lasting change. By providing them with the resources and assistance they need to succeed in the field of early childhood development, we are not only empowering individual lives, but also fostering the potential of our nation's youth. Together, we can effect meaningful change and create a better future for all.

1 Woman

Empower 1 WOMAN at a time

1 Year

One year at a time 

100 Target

Target 100 in Women's Month

R110 000

Cost of sponsorship

How can you Empower 1 WOMAN


Companies are invited to Empower 1 Woman at a time for 1 year for R110 00 Empowering women in the ECD sector is a significant step towards creating a more inclusive and equal society.


Any equipment the ECD Centres can use can be donated, printers, stationary, books, toys, furniture etc.  Giving them the tools, they need to thrive in their careers and lead empowered lives.


Mentors can help new ECD teachers to develop their professional skills and knowledge. They can share their own experiences and expertise, and they can help new teachers to find resources and opportunities for professional development.

By embarking on this empowering campaign during Woman's Month, we seek to ignite awareness, rally support, and empower 100 women, thus creating a profound and lasting impact on women's lives and the ECD sector. Together, we will transform the futures of these women and contribute to the realization of gender equality goals set by the government.

What the Empowered Woman say

The ECD Woman Empowerment Project has been running over the past couple of years and here are some of our        EMPOWERED WOMAN! 

Empowering women in the ECD sector is a significant step towards creating a more inclusive and equal society.


ENJO Consultants, Ladies of Hope, and prestigious Empowerers like ECOMED Medical, Ledbury, G&S Installers and EBMC have joined forces to create the ECD Woman Empowerment Project.

ENJO Consultants
Ladies Of Hope
                                           Become an EMPOWERER

Be part of our movement to empower women, one woman at a time, and witness the transformative change she brings to her life and community through ECD training.